Raised in the Japanese character culture since childhood, he has been working as a creature character designer since graduating from university.

The underlying aesthetic is mainly the sense of wonder in the fusion of the eight million gods and the one and only God, which may be due to the fact that him mother's family is Christian, and he herself lives in an axis close to Buddhist thought.

In order to connect with the "God who dwells in all things," he is inspired by the infinite patterns and flows of the natural world, the processes by which forms are formed, the dynamics of action, the cyclical world and systems of life, the place of consciousness and existence, and all other naturally occurring entities in this world. In 2018, he began creating sculptures that incorporate these elements into his own character philosophy and spiritual ideas.

In 2018, he began creating sculptures that incorporate these ideas into his character philosophy and spiritual thoughts. He uses 3DCG procedural methods and simulations, while also weaving in traditional techniques.


根底にある美学は主に、八百万の神と唯一神の融合にみるセンスオブワンダーだが、それは 母家系がキリスト教であること、そして自身は仏教的思想に近い軸に生きていることに由来するのかもしれない。




 "Ritual" at Haven Gallery NY (2019)

 "SCOPE Art Show" NYC (2020)

 "Mid Night Garden" at Modern Eden Gallery in San   Francisco (2020)

 "Art Salon Paris" at Louvre Museum Paris (2021)

email:  itisoneness@gmail.com